What Goes Into Designing An Office

Are you looking to renovate or revamp your office? If so, you will certainly be involving an office interior designer to oversee the creation of your desired space. While this is pretty standard, many business owners are typically still unclear about the interior design process. Oftentimes, halfway through the project, business owners start to question the value brought to the space by interior designers since they are not aware of what is provided.

To help bridge this gap in knowledge, as an office interior design firm ourselves, we would like to share about the processes that go into designing an office. Broadly speaking, there are 3 main project phrases that all interior design works undergo:

  • Planning phase
  • Sourcing phase
  • Implementing phase

In this article, we will go through each of these phases at a glance.

The Planning Stage

During the preparation phase, interior designers will check out the room in question and prepare the required working and documentation illustrations. This includes floor plans, interior elevations, partition setup and style concept. With the details of the area documented, interior designers can now bring across their concept to the customer through conceptual drawings and renderings.

If the client has the ability to obtain a sense of how the room will look, work & feel, and are agreeable to it, after that the interior designers can progress with the work.

The Sourcing Stage

During the sourcing stage, interior designers now require to use their knowledge of products along with their network of distributors to obtain the appropriate parts. The goal here is to achieve the right equilibrium of space, hues, acoustics and light. In doing so, interior designers will need to equate between the optimum materials and the spending plan provided for the job.

An example of a sourcing obstacle is that of discovering sustainable supply companions. Sustainable products are presently a substantial trend in 2020, with interior designers sourcing for materials that are from sustainable and legal sources. This makes sure that the distributor’s procedure of attaining their resources is done according to most suitable practices which do not inflict long-term injury to the setting.

The Implementation Stage

Throughout the execution stage, interior designers coordinate with architects and several other experts to install the different parts. It is at this phase that the interior designer requires to successfully convey his or her ideas to the team and make certain that the area is constructed as intended.

Additionally, consistent back and forth communication with the client is anticipated. We can not emphasize adequately the significance of having the customer along for the journey, getting constant responses and reaching a united vision. In doing so, interior designers will not risk getting a rude surprise of customers refusing the design once the job has been completed.