Get a Job With Only a High School Degree

You can develop a rewarding career with only a high school degree. It’s counterintuitive to popular thought, but it can be a savvy strategy for young go-getters. Some very famous people have only a high school degree or are college dropouts. Eminem has only his GED. Steve Jobs dropped out of college to create the computer company Apple.

Some positions that you can enter with a high school degree include medical assistant, customer service representative and government clerk. To get a head start, you may want to talk with staffing firms Boston. 

Create a Strong Resume

Many high school graduates already have work experience. Don’t discount school jobs you’ve held, such as newspaper editor or sports team captain. These positions demonstrate leadership and interpersonal skills. Working as a cashier or a waitress can demonstrate interpersonal skills. If you work in the kitchen of a restaurant, you have time management skills and are likely a good team player. If you’ve volunteered anywhere, list the skills from that role. Don’t forget to put any achievements on your resume, such as awards you’ve received.

Polish Interviewing Skills

Sometimes the hardest part of landing a job is speaking about your experience. It may help to practice interviewing with family and friends. Some managers may ask you tough questions to discover your work attitude, your ability to get along with others and your ability to take initiative. Some questions may include “Why should I hire you for this job?” and “When was the last time you handled a difficult decision and what did you do?” In addition to what comes out of your mouth, you need to make a strong impression visually. Dress professionally and be mindful of your body language. Good eye contact and proper posture can go a long way.

Once you land your job, you can take advantage of any company-sponsored tuition reimbursement programs, if you want to advance. But, your career need not start after college, when it can start right now.

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