Get Your Product Ready for Amazon

Selling your product on a site like Amazon is a fantastic way for you to reach the broadest audience and take advantage of one of the largest retail platforms on the internet. Of course, you need to take a few preliminary steps. There are a few rules and regulations dictating the standards each product on Amazon has to meet. Look over these details and get your items ready to be sold on this prolific e-commerce site.

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First and foremost, you need to have all the proper paperwork filled out and ready to go. Typically, you will need to provide personal details like your name and credit card, as well as the official documents surrounding your business, like your state and tax ID. Not all businesses will need to provide the same information. Look into the requirements for your particular type of products and business and determine what option fits best.


Amazon also requires certain products be put through rigorous tests before qualifying for shipment. Ista 6 Amazon APASS testing involves ensuring your product meets standards such as Ships-In-Own-Container, Prep-Free Packaging and Frustration-Free Packaging. By having all of these tests conducted by the same third-party organization, Amazon does not need to conduct additional quality tests.


Before you start selling on Amazon, you want to think about the policies to which you will adhere. For example, how will you handle returns? Amazon has its own strict guidelines for how returns should be conducted. In order to meet the standards set forth by the company, you want to review the details of the policies and understand exactly what will be expected of you as a seller.

There are several important steps to take before you start selling your products through Amazon. As long as you give yourself the chance to understand the basics, you will be ready to use this amazing retail platform to your advantage.

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