Five Steps to a Secure Business in Fort Worth, Texas

As a business owner, you are responsible for the security of the company. This includes the safety of employees, intellectual and physical property, and data. Have you done all you can to ensure the security of your company? Consider these five steps that you can take right now to build a safer, more secure work environment.

1. Hire Security Guards

There’s no substitute for protecting the building with actual security guards. Fort Worth security companies provide many different services, from walking the premises and monitoring security cameras to conducting investigations into suspicious persons or activity.

2. Lock Down Smartphones

Smartphones are a serious security risk as they can be lost or stolen and hacked, giving data pirates access to account numbers and passwords. To lock down phones enforce the use of strong passwords. You can also require employees to do weekly data dumps, where all phone info is downloaded into a computer and then taken off the phone.

3. Have Different Permission Levels for Employees

Not all employees need the same level of access. Decide who needs to know what and assign passwords accordingly. Sensitive business information should be eyes-only.

4. Create a Policy for Social Media

You can assume that all your employees are on at least one form of social media, and many will be on four or five. Email as well as social media postings are impossible to control once they have left the building. Assume that nothing that goes out onto the internet stays private, and create a company policy about what can be posted on personal as well as public social media platforms.

5. Add Physical Deterrents

Install high-security deadbolts, security cameras, and alarm systems. Your alarm system should have sensors to detect movement and the ability to automatically call law enforcement when there is something amiss.

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