What You Should Know About Updating Your Elevator

If you manage a building that’s been standing for decades, you probably realize it’s a constant battle to keep it new and up to date while maintaining the classic structure. One area that you might need to pay attention to is the functions of your elevators, and how to know when to update the system you have in place.


If the safety of your system is in question, you should get it overhauled right away. People won’t feel safe in your building knowing something so dependable is actually failing. If you’re not sure how to tell if the structure is safe, check out an elevator construction safety training course or call in a professional to examine it.


The standard for elevators changes every three years when the National Elevator Code is republished and updated. Depending on the last time your jurisdiction decided to update, your system could be a decade behind the most recent safety considerations, which would make it possibly unsafe.


The industry definition of a repair involves the reconditioning or renewal of parts to keep it in line with the code’s requirements. If you’ve spent most of your time trying to keep the same pieces intact, rather than replacing or modernizing the system, a complete overhaul may be necessary to ensure the safety of the device.

Emergency Alarms

Regardless of who is in charge of the elevator system specifically, you as the building manager need to make sure it’s equipped with the proper alarms, usually to warn about fire and smoke. If these alarms are out of date or do not function properly, it could be a bad sign about the rest of the elevator system.

Next time you do your rounds looking for problems to fix, don’t forget to check for updates your elevator might need.

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