Export Documentation The Seamless Way

Export Documentation The Seamless Way

The export industry is one that brings in a lot of revenue to Australia, to the tune of millions of dollars every year. The government has tried its best to enhance the export documentation process in order to make it easier, faster, and smoother for exporters to do business. Earlier, there were many roadblocks in this process for exporters, mainly due to the red tape, government regulations, and extensive paperwork involved in the process. This led to a lot of time, effort, and energy being spent for each consignment that was to be exported. An export documentation service to make the process easier

One of the fastest ways to streamline the process is by automating the paperwork so that it can be downloaded and uploaded online, without having to approach different export government departments for issuing of the documents. Whether it is the pre-receival advice or the certified declaration of origin, any document or certificate that is required can be downloaded through a cloud-based software, making it easier to download, print, and upload. This way, exporters save a considerable amount of time and money that would otherwise have been spent chasing documents. Now that time and money can be invested in developing the business and in improving core business activities. Why are these documents important in the export process? The agreement between different countries, when it comes to the export business, is subject to certain conditions being met. This means the timely and accurate filing and submission of certain documents. The absence or any delay in the submission of these documents can result in the entire shipment being rejected or delayed, which can cause millions of dollars being lost in revenue for both the exporter and the country. By simply getting these documents duly filled up and submitted in time, exporters are ensuring that all their hard work does not go to waste. They ensure that the shipment will be received without any problems or delays and that they will get their payments on time. So any process that helps exporters remember which documents to produce, and helps them to get those documents to the correct authorities in time, filled up accurately, is well worth the investment in terms of time, money, and peace of mind. Examples of important documents While there are a range of documents that need to be handed in by exporters, two of the most important ones are the pre-receival advice and the certified declaration of origin. The former is important because it gives information about the shipment’s arrival to the relevant and correct terminal and it has to reach the terminal before the shipment does. The latter is important because it declares that all the goods completely originate from that particular country without being manufactured anywhere else. Without both these documents, a shipment will have a very low chance of being accepted or received at any port anywhere in the world.

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