Financial Freedom – Ways to Choose

Financial Freedom - Ways to Choose

Employee Regarding with employee’s life, it is good that you always get salary every end of the month as long as you are bonded to the business and you do not even need to worry about whether the company is doing well or not. Moreover, you can have annual leave, medical leave and have to work 9-5 pm (5 to 6 days) every week. You have to work like repeating circle (from home to work) However, you will not get anything if you are not employed any more. The people in this category, who always struggle for survival and you cannot build the wealth for yourself, but for the boss. Self-employed It is better than employee’s life as you can open your own shop or company as you like and earn ant then you are building success for yourself. However, you cannot have holidays and you cannot stop running your business. If you stop, you cut your income as well. The risk is that you have to take because you do not know how it will turn out and you need some amount of money to start business, to rent the land and to hire staffs. Besides, you still have to work for money. Business owner There is a example that we can take, for example, KFC, that main branch is in US, but its branches went all over the world and the owner is still getting money even though he passed away. It is true that he is earning million dollars a day whenever there is a customer who eats KFC in any places and he will get profit with how many people having KFC all over the globe. It is imagined that he will get profit $1 whenever someone eat One meal and multiply with people who eats every day. The business owner have the best employee to run for their business. Investor It is undeniable that you can start your investment in any places if you have tons of money, but you have to do research which business is doing well and think risk as well. If you invest in well- known business, it works for you. If you invest in stock market, you still need to learn and do testing. As long as money working for you, you can easily reach your financially freedom. In summary, everything cannot be changed overnight, it need to be done step by step to get financial freedom by doing passive income streams. If you want to be business owner or earn passive income, you can start with small and earn residual income and reach your financial freedom goal. There is a simple step by step strategy that you can do to get consistent income. click here for more,

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