Are Personalised Products The New Online Shopping Trend?

Are Personalised Products The New Online Shopping Trend?

With a plethora of products available in market for the customers to choose from, the e-commerce industry is booming day by day. The various segments which are at the forefront are, electronic gadgets, clothing ,gifting options and childcare products. When a few well known e-commerce websites started out initially they had books as their primary products. Today there are very few consumer products which are not touched by the e-commerce magic wand. What are personalised Gift items? Personalised gifts include items such as Mugs, Pens,T-shirts, Photobooks and Visiting Cards. A wide variety of colour combinations and designs are available which can be used to finalise your design on your desired product. The whole process of gifts is about happiness to the giver and the person who gets the gift. Now this is the crux of the whole thing. Randomly available gift items may have good quality and be at affordable prices but the personal touch that one gets by customzing the design is unexplainable. Customer satisfaction is at the core of any e-commerce sale. Any amount of mismatch between the product description and the actual product can lead to descrease in customer base . At the same time re-marketing can only be successful if the customers get a wholesome experience. Generally, while shopping for these personalised items the customers are taken to the design platorm wherein they can select from various designs and colour schemes.For example a variety of templates are available for mugs where one can also upload pictures of one’s family or loved ones. The personalised pens are a great way of gifting teammates or your distributer network with engraved names on it. The audience for T-shirts and clothing are youngsters who are always on a lookout of new vibrant and trendy designs and slogans. Similarly Mobile cases and Visiting cards can also be personalised to a great extend. Challenges faced by Personalised gift Websites 1.The time frame within which you are required to deliver the product maybe one challenge. 2.Availability of the equipment and colour combinations promised to the customer should be abided by. 3. The quality and design of the products cannot be compromised on. Tituprint is a digital printing platform and e-commerce website working on all the above promises.

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