Chimnoy Mukhatee Grew His Career Opportunities Through Further Education

Chimnoy Mukhatee Grew His Career Opportunities Through Further Education

Chinmoy Mukhatee exemplifies that life is about taking opportunities when they present themselves and being open to change. Chinmoy’s first step in his career journey took him from his home country of Bangladesh to the United States, where he studied fisheries and aquaculture at Auburn University in Alabama. He came to Canada hoping to work in that industry, but soon found that there weren’t many jobs available. Instead of giving up, he began working at the courier company Purolator. That job taught him valuable skills in time management, customer service and business loyalty – skills that he carried forward into his next career. Chinmoy then started working part-time as a Developmental Service Worker. It is challenging and rewarding work where carers help enhance the lives of people with various physical, mental or developmental disabilities. Although Chinmoy had a range of experience coming into the job, and the right attitude, he felt he needed to up-skill to make the most of his career and be able to work full-time. That’s when he contacted Evergreen College. Evergreen College’s 56 week program gave him the theoretical knowledge to make and implement person-directed life plans, support clients in their development and help clients maintain relationships with their family, friends and community.

The flexible class schedule, supportive instructors and convenient downtown Toronto campus location made it easier for Chinmoy to balance his work, family and schooling life. He says the most valuable part of the course was participating in realistic role playing scenarios in class and then applying those scenarios in real life through his field placement. He also found the instruction from Evergreen’s educators clear and thoughtful. “My favourite part of the college was how they thought. It was easy to understand,” he says. He will gain his qualification from Evergreen College in June and already has a full-time position waiting for him at Christian Horizons, the place he currently works part-time. Christian Horizons is a group in Toronto creating communities of belonging for people with exceptional abilities. He says the most rewarding part of his job is supporting people in their everyday lives and making plans to integrate them as valuable and respected members of the community. For more information, or to discuss accommodation options, please contact us at Chimnoy Mukhatee Grew His career Opportunities Through Further Education

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