Tips for Finding a Great Staffing Company

Staffing agencies provide millions of people with new jobs every year. They are consistently expanding their databases of prospective employees and companies looking for great employees, so working with a staffing company accelerates the hiring process. However, before searching for a local firm, e.g., staffing companies in Boston MA, consider the following tips and find the best firm for your needs.

Evaluate Your Needs

Your first step, whether you are a job seeker or an employer, is to determine your needs. For example, if you are a job seeker, identify the types of positions that are of interest to them. Then, you should evaluate your skill levels and whether you will need further training. You may also start researching companies in your industry. Also, consider your desired income and the minimum income you are willing to take.

If you own a company with employee vacancies, review your open jobs and create detailed descriptions and requirements for these positions. Clearly identify any specialized skills or expertise you need. Also, determine your ideal hiring date and whether you will hire directly or try out candidates by keeping them on the staffing firm’s payroll for a specific period of time.

Research Local Firms

Staffing companies have specializations and often work within a select few industries. Therefore, your first step during your research process is to identify the firms that service your industry. Then, you can do deeper research into each firm. Look for their online reviews and speak with their past and current clients, both companies and candidates. Whether you are a candidate or an employer, you need to know how the company treats their clients on both sides.

You may also check the firms’ online reviews and their Better Business Bureau rating. Keep an eye out for outstanding complaints. Friends, peers and family members are often good resources for referrals, but you may also contact the human resources departments of companies you are interested in working for and ask what firms they work with.

Both individuals and employees should choose staffing firms that are familiar with their industries and understand their needs.

Contact the Company

Call or visit the companies. Ask how the firm recruits its companies and candidates. Also, discuss any testing or training the firm may offer. Learn about their fees and expectations. Pose scenarios and ask how they would handle them. Interview the firm. You want the best firm, so make sure you get all your questions answered and get a feel for how the firm works. You may also ask about any staffing association memberships they have.

Consider how you were treated by the firm. Did the agents seem too busy to give you complete answers? Did they rush you off the phone or out the door? Did they provide helpful advice or guidance? Your firm should be available to you and willing to give you all the time and help you need.

Achieve your employment goals by finding the best staffing agency.

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