How are the Stocks of NASDAQ: IKT Performing?

There are regular ups and downs faced by traders and investors in the stock market field. sometimes when the stock rates go high it gives them the profit and at times when they are lowered it turns out into a loss for them. Looking at the recent conditions where the whole world is affected by this global pandemic the stock market has gone down to the negatives too and has also affected the economy of all the countries as around 18% of the revenue is generated from the stock markets. In this article, you will know the latest details of the NASDAQ: IKT shares at


The stocks; NASDAQ: IKT are owned by the company named INHIBIKASE Therapeutics that is considered as one of the reputed pharmaceuticals that develop medicines for the disease of Parkinson and other disorders that are related to the brain issues and are found inside. The company is still seated at the preclinical level of development. It is hence, suited for the institutional investors who are interested in making investments for the long-durations. Recently the company has passed the prospectus for approximately 17 million IPO. The closings of 2019 financials state that the revenue earned was around $1.1 million whereas the operating expenses closed at $6.9 million with a net loss of $5.7 million.

The latest news and performance

The latest news affiliated to the matter of financial status has come out to be granting some revenue but of course with some losses because of the R & D as well as G &A expenses. These are associated with the development processes. The IKT also plans for selling its 2.3 million shares related to the common stocks at final rates of $11.00 per single share and then proceed further with $25 million.

No shareholder has yet come forward for the share purchasing marked at the IPO rates. Thus, while raising $25 million in an IPO, it will become essential for a firm to develop a treatment for diseases related to the neurodegenerative conditions. The European stock market of the company is performing better where the rate of growth has become 11%.

Ending the entire news with headlines that people have tied their hopes with the company stocks NASDAQ: IKT performing betting gin the upcoming duration. Because of the coronavirus pandemic already there is so much crisis that occurred to the traders and it will be more problematic. The stock chart of the performance of the stocks is yet not available to people right now. However, the remaining coverage and orders will be given in the next report conference. For more information, you can refer to the official website of the company.  You can do stock trading with NASDAQ TotalView cost free verstion.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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