Writing the Perfect Company Vision Statement


In this era where technology defines everything that your business undertakes, it is essential to write a vision statement based on the evolving tech world. Software and applications must be at the center of your statement, and you have to ensure that there is room for development because tools are changing almost every day. What makes it even complex is the introduction of cloud-based solutions that are now taking over from conventional software. Having found the right software and applications for the business, there are important factors that you should not forget when writing the statement.

Know Your Business Goals

Every business has goals that must be achieved at specific times. For instance, you may be targeting to have 1000 subscribers to your service after one month, or you may be seeking to have three new branches after one year. These goals will form the basis of your vision statement because it should be angled towards achieving them. When you write the statement, make sure that it focuses on the things that you will do to achieve your goals. Goals can be prioritized so that you can have your statement focusing on the most important ones. This is more important if you have a lot of things that you want to accomplish.

Understand Your Company’s Values

Your vision statement should also take into consideration the values that your company holds dear. Every organization has several things that dictate their operations. A good example is a religious organization that will not do anything that goes against their faith. For them, no matter how profitable a venture may be, they will not take it up if it is against their beliefs. The same applies to organizations that are formed based on social values, cultural activities, political affiliations, gender, and many other aspects. It is good to ensure that your vision statement defends and supports your values to the end.

Be Forward Thinking and Establish Timeframes

As we said earlier, the increased use of technology in managing businesses means that things are always changing. This is the reason your statement should be focused on the future. If you dwell on your experiences or get rooted in the present, you will find yourself out of touch with your market, and therefore, it will be challenging to market your services and products. Software and applications require you to be forward thinking too. You have to attach timeframes to everything that you plan to do. If you want to open a new subsidiary, be specific and say when it will be operational.

Another trick that works when writing a company vision statement is to be simple. Use a language that the ordinary person can understand and be systematic in your presentation o information. Do not write a statement with too much jargon and do not make it too difficult to understand. Remember that once you are through with the writing, you will want people to look at it and see where the company is going to be in the coming months, years, or decades according to the timeframes.

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