Tips for Office Morale

Managing a workplace is not always easy. Whether managing a smaller team within a larger corporation or overseeing everyone at a newer, more startup-based atmosphere, it’s important to check in and make sure employees are in a good place. The best companies have the best culture, so whether a manager is seeking something as simple as the best place to buy office furniture or small ways to show appreciation, here are some basic tips for increasing office morale.


While this is a broad suggestion, experts reinforce that the best way to create a positive atmosphere is to cultivate open lines of communication. This can be done through multiple annual employee surveys, regularly scheduled check-ins or one-on-ones between managers and subordinates, and open forums that solicit employee feedback. When people feel like their voices are being heard, they feel more tied to their place of work. No one likes to be ignored, and one great way to improve office morale is to start small and implement suggestions from employees. While structural change can’t happen overnight, smaller changes (like coffee for employees) can make a big difference.

Reward Programs

Employee incentives can be great motivators. Many companies will include “perks” in packages, and adding more even after someone has been hired will continue to increase office morale. Having opportunities for employees to earn bonuses, take home gift cards, or simply receive company merchandise can make a space feel more inclusive. People are excited to share and take part in the positive.

Group Experiences

Everyone loves a good party. Team building doesn’t need to be an elaborate retreat or something heavily organized — rather, it’s very possible for a sense of closeness to come from simple group experiences like holiday parties, off-campus lunches, or small experiences after work. If employees only interact with one another within the context of work, it’s more difficult for close bonds and a sense of community to be built. With these tips in place, a workplace will certainly benefit.

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