Types of Investment Visas

Investor visas allow foreign individuals to gain permanent or temporary residency in the US. To be approved for an investor visa, an immigrant must invest a minimum amount of money into a qualified commercial company or project. The investment must result in creating permanent, full-time jobs for US citizens or permanent residents. However, this employment requirement cannot be satisfied by these investors or their immediate families. If you are looking for investor visas Houston TX, you have a few options.

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E-2 Visas

Upon its inception, the E-2 visa was only granted to individuals within the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation. However, this has expanded to any commerce or navigation treaty between the countries. This visa requires a substantial capital investment in a US company.

E-2 visas do not result in permanent residency. If you are granted an E-2 visa, you may bring your immediate family, including children under 21 years of age, into the US. However, when your children turn 21, they must leave the country unless they are also approved for E-2 status. In addition, your residency will be limited to 2 years. You may request extensions in 2-year increments.

In addition, you must continue working in the industry or on the project you listed on your application, but if you were approved to work with a specific company, you can work in any position and any company subsidiaries.

EB-5 Visas

EB-5 visas are granted to individuals who invest either $900,000 in high-unemployment areas or $1.8 million in low-unemployment areas in the US economy through a project, company or EB-5 Center. These investments may be direct or indirect. This investment must result in at least 10 new permanent, full-time jobs for US citizens or residents allowed to work within the US within the first 2 years of the investment.

EB-5 visa approval results in permanent residency status for you and your immediate family, including any children under 21 years of age. You will need to provide your passports and photographs as well as civil, medical, and financial documents prior to visa approval. You will also have to participate in an interview.

This visa process is more costly and may take longer than the E-2 visa process. Therefore, avoid making travel plans and selling assets in your native country prior to receiving visa approval.

Investing in the US economy is a great way to earn US residency and work authorization. Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each investor visa type prior to your application.

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